Tendenze per le borse da uomo

From a small clutch to a weekend duffle bag a leather bag has many shapes and forms. This blog post is a short review on what is not only practical but also trendy this year.

A focus on functionality and longevity influences men's bags; updating key items with a smarter aesthetic and post-pandemic transseasonal appeal is essential

#Modulardesign is key for all items due to its functional aesthetic. Use it to update utilitarian and smart silhouettes such as the smart tote and the modular bag.

Trends shift towards investment purchases and provide timeless, long-lasting appeal with high-quality materials. Take a sustainable approach with leather, leather alternatives, and mono-materials.

Tapping into the versatility of #modulardesign a modular bag serves as the evolution of the acclaimed belt bag. This style has been favorited on the recent men’s catwalks and among show-goers, as it serves as a functional yet fashionable item to carry everyday essentials.

Imagine an adventure of a lifetime. All you need is courage and sling bag The Monk to keep all your belongings in order and ready for use. Sleek design and premium quality materials are just a cover, this leather cross-body bag is made for a modern Indiana Jones - multiple pockets are more than enough for your wallet, smartphone, keys, tickets and other gadgets. Wear it on the front or on the back and rule the concrete jungle totally hands-free.

Sourse: WGSN

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