The Most Practical Bag in the World


At Time Resistance we live in the world of timeless and classic, presenting to you designs that are the equivalent of a classical suit or a folk song – the polished gems worked out during the past few centuries by our communal effort as people. They are the crowning jewels of style, which, let me remind you, is eternal. Needless to say, one does not expect lots of news to be happening in this area. But here it is – a revolutionary new (vintage inspired) thing, the best thing since sliced bread and my new love affair – a small duffle bag.


The name itself seems like an oxymoron, after all the whole point of leather duffle bag is its capacity to carry half of your life. And yet this new size is apparently the perfect balance – it creates the ideal proportions to make it adorable to look at (who doesn’t love a smaller version of something?), gives you just enough room to fit all that you might need for a weekend trip, but takes away the possibility of going crazy and throwing a toaster in just in case. And then it does a complete 180 and says “take me to the office” and off you go, with your portable office on hand, and some extra room for the croissants you might pick up on the way (I have a friend who takes a small trolley to the office every day. Some of us just need two extra sweaters).


It willingly fit all that I needed for a four day trip out of town, with all of my dresses and petticoats (you take seven light dresses and layer them on top of each other if it’s cold. And change the top one for a different look. I’m a genius of packing), a very large book to look smart for the train ride, opera glasses (you know, for people watching), and a huge vintage camera.


I’ve crowned it the most practical bag of them all (and I’m not taking any objections) – it’s an overnight bag, it’s a weekend bag, it’s an office bag. I hear it’s also a great gym bag, but sadly I have no personal experience in the field. But if you are a better person than me, please do take it to the gym. And send us a pick. We’ll put it on the wall of fame of the most practical bag in the world - the small Ambassadors duffle bag


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