La nostra valigetta in vera pelle preferita


Despite what the calendars may try to have us believe, fall is the season that marks the beginning of a new year. It is the time to turn a new leaf and get back to working toward your goals and aspirations with newly refreshed rigor. It is the time for new beginnings and fresh attitude.


And the first step to getting yourself there is renewing your look.  When you are preparing to take the next step in your professional life either with a new job, going for promotion or just making a new deal with yourself about your goals for the next year, we believe that updating your “work uniform” with a quality leather briefcase is the best symbolic gesture to get yourself into that mindset.


We all know that how you look can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. So when you wish to create an incredibly professional and confident impression, remember the good old saying “dress for the job you want” and start working on that attitude from the outside in. And a genuine leather briefcase is the easiest way to give an instant oomph to your look.



A classic business briefcase made from sturdy but supple genuine leather has the power to add a note of polish even to a completely casual look. When you need to spruce up your look but you can’t quite go for a shopping spree and get yourself dolled up head to toe, a leather briefcase is one of those strategic investment pieces that give you the biggest worth for your buck – outfits change day-to-day, but your work briefcase is a daily companion that stays at your side for years.


And if we had to select just one of our leather briefcases that we believe to be the best ‘man for the job”, our favorite by far would be the “Moonheart” leather briefcase bag.  It has a very classic, timeless look, but at the same time it conveys a feeling of lightness and modern minimalism.  It can go from completely formal to utterly relaxed and casual. It is just as fitting to be carried by a gentleman or a lady. And the versatility of this genuine leather briefcase doesn’t stop there – it can transform according to your needs at the moment. You can have it zipped up to create the very streamline clean look and carry it in hand. Or you can widen the sides for more capacity and carry it on shoulder as a cross-body bag.



It’s just right to fit your laptop and is also equipped with a bunch of little pockets and compartments to organize your essentials. So you can have all your gadgets pens and cards right there and easy to reach while also keeping perfect order.


So all in all it’s the perfect modern classic for an ambitious professional. And as our favorite it comes in four different colors to make sure that any person can find the version that’s a perfect fit for them.




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