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There’s a lot of talk about “ethical fashion” and what it means exactly and can fashion even be ethical?  Some people assume that “ethical fashion” simply means vegan, but that's not necessarily true. There is a bunch of other factors to consider and here, at Time Resistance we have. We wish to offer products that are as ethical and socially sustainable as genuine leather can possibly be:


All of our genuine leather bags are made from Italian leather in the region of Tuscany. And by this I don’t mean that cattle was raised in Brazil, tanned in China, dyed in India and then stitched in Italy, the whole process is local, therefore producing minimal carbon emission footprint.


All the cowhides are a by-product of the meat industry, so manufacturing them to bags is a way to purpose them instead of letting it all go to waste (and it would be A LOT of waste - according to the United States Department of Agriculture, nearly 35 million cattle hides are produced by the U.S. meat industry annually.).


Also, all of our leather is vegetable tanned, which is an old-world artisan method of processing leather, one which employs only natural materials (leaves, tree barks, etc.), is bio-degradable, toxin free and doesn’t have an environmental impact: as it is completely organic, it doesn‘t pollute water or soil as a result of the dyeing process.


Vegetable tanning is also fair-trade, carried out by only a small number of specialists and quite rare compared to chromium tanning, most commonly used in mass production. We feel that it‘s important  to choose vegetable tanned leather not only because it is environmentally responsible, but also because it reinforces the preservation of handcraft and artisanal traditions that are hundreds of years old.


And finally, we strongly believe that because leather is one of the most durable materials and leather items have a long life cycle, choosing it is a step against fast throw-away fashion and towards mindful consumerism and owning fewer better things.

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