Idee artigianali per i regali di Natale

The holidays are just around the corner; by now, you're probably contemplating what kind of gifts would be best this season. One thing I learned about being sustainable is to use what you already have; upcycling and allowing an old item to be superb again. Do you know a way to do this? Crafting! DIY crafts are one of the best presents for this holiday. Why? First, it is personalized; you spend your time and effort to do this craft. This gift will really have your heart on it. Second, it is sustainable. Recycling items lessen our waste. Therefore, it is also advantageous to our nature and mother Earth. Isn't it an exceptional gift this holiday? You'll make the receiver delighted while you're also saving the planet.

Maybe you're asking for some craft ideas that you can make this holiday with your family. Here are our suggestions:

Angel Ornaments

This iconic ornament is easy to do at home. It is effortless to make because angel ornaments have basic shapes, the head, wings, and body. Having a creative mind, you can make this from different items at home. I use pine cones, old beads, wine corks, or even old mason jar lids for the head. Folded pages of old books are great for the wings and body. Put a little yarn, and it is ready to hang on the Christmas tree! Angel ornaments are lovely and a great symbol that you care for them.

Vertical Garden

Do they like plants? Do you have scrap woods? A vertical garden will surely make their yard look unique! Creating a vertical garden is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Use scrap wood to make a box for the plants, then stick it on standing timber. You can use nails or wood glue for an easier hold. Having plants will release more oxygen, and they'll have fresher air! I'm sure they'll also enjoy taking care of the plant that you gave them.

Wood Ornament

If you have skills in painting and drawing, this one is a great craft for you. Pick a branch and let it dry for a few days. After that, cut it to your desired size. A thin, slant cut is what I recommend; it adds design to your ornament. Using paint or marker, draw your favorite Christmas design or any character you want. It can be a snowman, a flower, a star, or even a landscape. If you don't have a drawing or painting skills, you can use stamps to make this ornament.

Leather Craft

Another idea that comes to my mind is leather crafting. You can do many things with leather. It is very durable and can last long, so it is very sustainable. A leather coin pouch is one easy thing to do. With this, scrap leather will do. Cut it into squares and put holes to put a string to help close the pouch. 

Another easy leather to make is a key chain. You can create a ribbon, a tassel, or any shape that you want. After that, you can sew the edges and put a ring on them. 

These effortless crafts can be significant to the people who will receive them. I love crafts because your time, effort, and heart are on them, so they are absolutely precious. I don't know about you, but I genuinely appreciate presents made with love!

Enjoy crafting!

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