8 motivi per cui regalare una borsa di pelle


  1. It shows you are in for the long run. You don‘t give something long-lasting to a person if you think your relationship has an expiration date.
  1. It shows you care about their career aspirations. A classic leather backpack conveys a message to the world. It‘s a way to show your ambition without speaking a word.
  1. Consequently, it shows you believe in their potential. Some people need those around them to be a step below them to not feel threatened. Others wish to elevate those they care about. Don’t be one of the former.

Why a Time Resistance bag in particular?

  1. It shows you‘re a keeper. Sure, you could gift a handbag that is the trendiest freshest new thing. This month. But what does it really say about you?..
  1. It shows that you think they have good taste. There‘s a reason why classic is timeless.
  1. It shows that you have good taste.
  1. It shows you know them.  Our bags have distinct personalities, just like people. Find the right match to show you know who they truly are. It might be something they don’t know about themselves. All the better. It shows you have faith in them.
  1. It shows that you admire their life. The purpose of our bags is to tell the unique stories of their owners. When someone is super special to you, remind them that the story of their life and experiences is worthy to be embodied.   
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