Personalized Leather





Time Resistance bags are about to tell a unique story of the life of its owner.


While using it becomes a part of your own design, absorbing the life of its owner (I know, you are fed up with hearing the same all the time... on and on) and in a manner becoming something more than just a bag. In this way it is about to start matching your personality (I do believe in that).


If you are as much sentimental and oldfashion as I am. If you think that the things can often speak for themselves and tell a tremendous story. If you tend to collect them because they are too dear for you and keep unforgetable memories... You should get them personalized! 





Give such an honor to your most favourite leather bag... Otherwise... When ordering Time Resistance one (no preasure, of course) do not forget to ask an engraving services as well (it is completely free by the way). We can engrave initials, symbols, shapes or longer text if you wish.


See the testimonials here from people who have already chosen to start their own magnificant story. Some of Time Resistance leather goods were personalized by engraving making them an empty canvas where your life experiences and adventures destined to be expressed for sure.

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