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Best Attorney Briefcases


If your job is to carry on legal matters you definitely need to make good impression at first. This is unwritten rule which is known by every self-respecting advocate or executive.


Respectable lawyers must have a sense of fashion and style. Their appearance makes significant influence on their clients for sure. The sense of style has an impact even on your carrier, professional success and many other things as hiring possibilities and even promotion.


Here are some great leather briefcases perfectly suitable for lawyers to develop their own, personal brand.




  • Brown 100 % Italian leather briefcase – our beloved, precisely crafted The Firm

Looks classic and professional at the same time. Made from best quality genuine top grain calfskin leather, hand dyed using the vegetable tanning method, interior fully lined with leather. What is more, you will be surprised by capaciousness of this impressing leather briefcase. There are three separate compartments and an inside pocket to organize all your belongings. The Firm – strictly business bag which conveys value and prestige for those who want to look expensive, elegantly and posh!




  • Black 100 %  Italian leather briefcase – our bestseller The Magus

This classical design perfectly fits for a modern man and never goes out of style. And the best part of it – it fits for any occasion. And as the one above, the Magus is made from genuine, best quality leather as well, interior partly lined with leather. Just take a look at this beautifully crafted piece of art!




  • Brown 100 % Italian leather briefcase – one of the largest of all our leather briefcases Invisible Man

Large enough to hold a laptop up to 17” (e.g. MacBook Pro 17”). This spectacular leather briefcase gives you respectably professional look. Looks good eather carried by hand or hanging on your schoulder. Believe me, it‘s worth much more than its price and the leather smells, feels and looks like a million bucks! Take a closer look!



Time Resistance offers you the best quality at the best price!


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