Quel est le bon sac en cuir ?


Style is all about experimentation. However, while you might be inclined to play around with a Bermuda shirt and just feel it out, a leather bag is a whole another story. You don’t change your bag every month or few, you don’t buy a leather briefcase offhandedly and you don’t get one that’s “not really my style, but let’s give it a try”. A man’s leather bag is a loyal companion and it’s preferable to get it just right.

But what is the ever elusive ‘right bag’ when there are all of the options in a myriad of colors, materials and sizes all at varying price points?


The right bag has to fit your personal style, but more importantly – your lifestyle. So consider the practical aspects of your day and what is your main requirement for a bag:



Commute is an important part of your day – you are always on the go, jumping trains, running from one location to another, what you need most is carrying comfort:

 You are schlepping two or three file redwells, 6 deposition transcripts, and an occasional binder so you can keep working on that motion from home, you‘ve considered adding wheeled luggage to your daily attire, but that doesn’t quite fit the bill, so what you need is large capacity while still keeping it office-proper





Your day is long, exciting and there are no costume changes: you go straight from the office to the social to the after party, so what you are looking for is versatility 




You are a creative, working in a corporate environment, so you need to fit into two worlds – pass for the business casual while still remaining your free spirited self





You carry expensive gear or other breakables, you need a bag that is not only roomy, but also keeps shape and offers some support and protection for your valuables:





You are the big fish (or planning to become one soon), so you need to set the tone and embody you ambition and resolve at first glance:

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