Best of Leather Duffel Bags


Best of Leather Duffel Bags


We truly think that you don’t need more than one great leather duffel bag. Our new branded The Art of Racing in the Rain is exactly what you need.  This leather duffel bag  lasts couple times longer than the average duffel. All of our Time Resistance leather bags are built from best quality materials and The Art of Racing in the Rain isn’t exception.


It’s made of full grain, vegetable tanned leather, dyed by hand.  The leather smells, feels and looks like a million bucks. Take a closer look!


As you can see there are three spacious compartments with a multiple inside pockets – thoroughly crafted to accommodate contemporary needs of a man. The bag is as comfortable to carry on your shoulder as by hand.


The Best part about this leather duffel is that it’s suitable for carry on! The size of duffel bag depends on how much stuff you put in it. Nevertheless, as long as it's smaller than 22x14x9 inches then everything probably going to be fine!


It's manly elegant appearance won‘t leave anyone  indifferent – a sophisticated  piece of elegantly and comfortably crafted duffel bag will definitely fit every self-respecting man needs.

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