Guide de la sacoche de médecin en cuir idéale

A leather doctor bag is the perfect accessory for any man or woman who loves to travel and wants to look stylish while doing it. It is a classic bag, and it will never go out of style. The leather doctor bag can be used as both a travel bag and a work bag, depending on the size and functionality. Make sure you choose according to your needs and taste and you'll love carrying this stylish accessory around!

The Master and Margarita
Originally dating back to the 19th century, the leather doctor’s bag is an ageless classic and a statement piece at the same time. A super stylish accessory for someone who wants a distinctive look without investing too much time and effort. You don’t have to own a stethoscope to carry it: make it your everyday bag to the office, take it on a trip, show off your personality a little. Complemented by charisma.

Doctor Faustus
The largest doctor bag in the collection is also the most distinctive: a big sturdy handle, subtle detailing on the gaping frame on top, a pocket with a twist lock closure in the front and a separate zip compartment at the bottom. You can also carry it with a shoulder strap for a hands free experience.

Made from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, this bag will prove to be durable and long-lasting. The interior is lined with cotton fabric which makes it easy to clean and maintain its condition over time.

David Copperfield
A leather doctor’s bag is a timeless classic but its big personality has been replaced with charm in this smaller version. For a man who wants to add character to his look while still keeping it classic, this bag will take you from the office to the cigar room and on to Brick Lane in style. Just the thing to add for a dash of mystery.

A leather medical bag, as classic as the play. And, just like the play, it is all about character. Destined to be coupled with someone of confidence and stature, the Hamlet adds a note of originality while remaining completely classic and polished.

Mrs Dalloway
The stylish doctor bag is the perfect blend of clean lines and minimalist design with a touch of luxury. This bag has a sturdy top handle that makes it easy to carry when you're on-the-go. The round lock is working, so you can keep your things safe as you go about your day. The shoulder strap is adjustable for comfort, and the metal studs on the bottom protect the bag from wear and tear.
The stylish doctor bag is made from full-grain vegetable tanned Italian leather, which means it will age beautifully over time--and look better with each passing season!

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