Our story is written in our skin. Adventures of youth, childhood mistakes, life changes, choices and accidents. Your skin speaks volumes about where you’ve been, where you come from, how you live.


So does your leather, when you pick the right one.

We believe that a leather backpack should tell a story.  And for that reason we use vegetable tanned leather.


All leather goes through process of tanning as part of its production. But there are different ways to go about it. Vegetable tanning is the most natural in the sense of nature-friendly substances used as well as retaining the most organic look of the finished product. It’s an old-world artisan technique, largely done by hand, which creates an irregular pattern, unique for each skin.


But the real magic happens later, when it reaches your hands. Much like your skin, vegetable tanned leather changes continuously over time. With daily use, it acquires a unique patina, the color caramelizes, its warm shades becoming more intense. It evolves and becomes truly your own.


A Time Resistance bag is an empty canvas that will absorb the traces of your life to become a unique and personal expression of your story.

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