Sesión de fotos para la primavera de 2022

“A picture is worth a thousand words“ is as accurate today as it was when the famous quote was first said. Especially to us in e-commerce, as first impressions count here too! You can have the most amazing product, but if the photography is poor quality, then so will be the perception of the item. Photographing product means professional staging, lighting and equipment to get the best results, plus retouching to make the final pictures meet online store or marketplace guidelines. An iPhone and a co-worker who likes taking pictures simply won’t cut it, and you’ll do more harm than good trying to do this.

Once technical requirements are in line, creative aspects take turn. Brainstorming is a classic creative technique for generating new ideas. It's a great way to take an initial concept and turn it into a unique creative vision. We can use it to help dream up new styles, approaches, or themes for your photoshoots.

This time we have decided to get back to basics and flirt with the concept of „timeless“ which is such a big part of our brand. We still wanted to make it fresh and exciting though. It was decided to go with the idea of creating images that make it difficult to determine the place or time of the scene. Making it really ambiguous: is it the past, present or future? Isn‘t that a true definition of „timeless“?

Now, it is easier said than done. After discussing various locations it was set to take place at one of local quarries. Nice pastel earthy tones of the sand let our leather briefcases for men, leather backpacks, leather travel bags, etc. trully shine.

We added some carefully selected props like a transparent cube, a chair, mirrors, custom made golden ruins to make the shots more interesting, create an illusion, and also to raise questions: Are they really just walking in a desert at the present time or is this a distant future and the office is underground, underneath the sand?

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