Remember when people used to monogram their handkerchiefs? What an elegant tradition it was to put your initials on select belongings. We at Time Resistance feel a bit nostalgic for the times when people had less, but every item was special, loved and cared for and, more likely than not, superbly crafted. 


We hope that our (superbly crafted) leather briefcases and other bags will have a good old fashioned life with you - be special, loved and cared for. So why not do it properly elegantly all the way? You can have your Time Resistance bag and personalize it too! We offer laser engraving (yes, not entirely retro, but we have to keep up with the times a bit). We can engrave initials, symbols, shapes, or longer text (in various fonts). It’s very easy – just express your wishes in the comments section when placing an order.


Thinking about getting a Time Resistance bag as a gift for someone special? Put a cherry on top by getting their initials or a quote that is meaningful to them placed discreetly on it.


My go-to choice is “don’t stop believing”. A bit sappy, I know, but what a good song… and don’t tell me it isn’t immediately playing in your head..?

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