Packing Hacks


Learning to pack a suitcase is fine art that takes years to master. We’ve all been through the stages, which involve (but are not limited to):


packing everything but the kitchen sink, not needing any of it;

packing for the dream vacation you have in your head (and Pinterest board), then not knowing how to actually wear those outfits and spending the whole vacation in the jeans that you arrived in;

planning it out for weeks, making 5 lists (and 3 Pinterest inspiration boards), installing an app, but leaving the actual packing for the last 10 minutes before you have to leave (it’s all planned out, so what’s the rush), then running around in panic, not finding the darn list, throwing random stuff in your duffel;

sitting in the middle of a post-apocalyptic scene, previously known as your apartment, watching Youtube videos on folding, hoping desperately to find a technique that shrinks your stuff three times; 

wondering how that guy who shrank his kids did it, is that thing actually on the market?



By now you surely know that you are supposed to roll, not fold and stuff your shoes to maximize the space in your luggage. But do you know how to pack in 3 minutes, travel luggage free and end up actually having something to wear? Here are a few packing hacks that will change your life (and save you a week of Pinterest-board-making):


  • If you don’t wear it at home, don’t bring it with you. Your taste (or size) is unlikely to change on vacation.
  • If you have zero time to pack, just empty your laundry basket into your suitcase and get it all washed at your location. Those are clearly the clothes that you love to wear and feel comfortable in.
  • Keep the essential thing that you simply couldn’t do without in your cabin bag. Luggage gets lost sometimes and then you are stuck in Bali without a swimsuit, going to a museum and such…
  • Ship it forward. If you know where you’ll be staying, you can ship your things there (and back) and have a hassle-free trip. Especially if you are changing locations and climate zones and need to have your short shorts and a winter coat. A holdall can’t really hold it all.
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