Presentamos un maletín para hombre de estilo vintage piel


In search of a perfect companion for a modern man


So we got you covered with our classic leather briefcases for the work environment. You glide in, briefcase in hand, charm everyone, look super put together, life is good.


But we know that there are a lot of you out there who despise the thought of carrying a full-on large briefcase with you at all times. You hail from old school, when a man could fit all of his belongings into his wallet and enjoy the sense of absolute freedom. But those days when you could go about your day with a couple of bucks in your pocket and good manners are long gone. Now we have to be plugged into three devices at any given time, so that old fashioned carefree hands free attitude just does not work anymore.


For that reason we have been looking for a solution, a perfect bag that could would fit your essentials but still allow you to feel light as a feather. A bag that could persuade the toughest man’s man to become a believer in a man bag.


And for this very special man we introduce Walden - a small vintage style leather briefcase with a classic, timeless look and a sturdy frame. This small and compact bag has the look of a classic business briefcase but the ease of carrying of a messenger bag.  It is large enough to fit your essentials, but small enough to not get in your way or make your feel weighed down. So you get a proper business look, but in a mini-me version, that is light and comfortable. Now you can’t tell me it’s not a good deal.


So here’s to you, dear man’s man. Rock on. 


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