How to Be an Old-fashioned Gentleman

Because there is no such thing as a „modern gentleman“. The rules never changed! Sure, now you have to put down the phone instead of a newspaper during dinner, but the book was not rewritten for that (yes, there's a book). And opening doors is still as relevant (and characteristic) now as it was in 1899.


 (– Nick Harriott)


Thus we say – be an old-fashioned gentleman. That is the only way to do it properly.


And contrary to what you might have heard, being a timeless gentleman is not about owning a tailored three-piece suit (although that doesn‘t hurt), your pedigree (anymore) or growing the perfect moustache.


Morning suit – in theory it is formal day attire consisting of a morning coat, waistcoat, and striped trousers. In practice it is probably pajamas. 


A gentleman doesn't follow fashion, he is never "styled". A gentleman exudes style. Naturally and effortlessly. Which, especially for men, has more to do with how you carry yourself, rather than what you put on.


And for the actual clothes – dress for the occasion, shine your shoes and you are pretty much set.


But the defining quality of a gentleman is, of course, manners (which, popularly, maketh man) and the crowning jewel of it – chivalry. Which is your foundation for successful courtship...

The concepts are getting confusing, so let’s refer to the manual:


“Courtship is one of the oldest of social customs, even antedating in some countries such long-established usages as marriage, or the wearing of white neckties with full evening dress.

The beginnings of the etiquette of courtship were apparently connected in some way with the custom of "love" between the sexes, and many of the old amatory forms still survive in the modern courtship.

It is generally agreed among students of the history of etiquette that when "love" first began to become popular among the better class of younger people they took to it with such avidity that it was necessary to devise some sort of rules for the conduct of formal or informal love-making. These rules, together with various amendments, now constitute the etiquette of courtship.”


Just a few of the basics to keep in mind:


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