Coronavirus In the Context of Fast-Fashion


The whole world is now facing the biggest crisis since WWII. Each of us experiences difficulties together as a society and individually.  The world is shutting down. Places have become ghost-towns with huge restrictions put on our lives - from lockdowns and school closures to travel restrictions and bans on mass direct socializing. It is an extensive societal challenge and it would probably take the whole day to lay out everything that goes unusual and it wouldn’t be enough.


But wait, we don’t have to, and most importantly, you don’t have to drown in the sea of bad emotions, obscurity, and darkness. We chose to direct our thoughts towards what is good and gives hope rather than uncertainty and sorrow.


Let me explain.


We tend to believe Time Resistance is one of the slow fashion brands. We are tired of fast fashion - as most of you, and always wanted to create something time resistant. Our team successfully created an atmosphere where timeless designs, quality, and passionate craftsmanship are the most valuable. We take great pride in leather bags we produce, so the main priority is time-tested classical designs and time-honored materials. Time Resistance bag is not for a season, it thoughtfully designed and crafted to become something more than an object, to become a part of your design, a representation of your life and your unique story.


In our eyes, the crisis we all facing is like fast-fashion (it is truly understandable it might be hardly comparable for some of you). The pandemic will pass, even though life will never be the same again, it will change dramatically for sure. However,  there is no doubt the core values remain, they always will, no matter what.


There is no better time to focus, show humanity more than ever before and support each other. Think positively, do not panic about what is inevitable and do whatever you can to help and make things easier. There is no better time to join forces, unite and do what is in our hands to make the world a place it used to be or even a better one than before.  As it was said by the famous Lithuanian influencer:


“I pray for our unity, for our loneliness, for our generous people, and our empty streets.


I pray for those we have lost and for our loved ones we will lose. For our children and their future, for unfulfilled hopes, for our vanity, even for our stupidity.


It is the right time to stop for a moment and remember that only goodness will conquer the world. Don’t feel anger, let the guilt disappear. Only then will come the feeling that all will be well, nobody's at fault. There is only a nature that at the time when it had to wake up told us of a sudden - wake up yourself and stop living the life so fast”.



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