Christmas Gifts For Her: The Black Leather Backpack


So you probably think that finding the perfect Christmas gift for your better half is incredibly complicated. It‘s sort of a game of „guess what I need/want/wish for without getting the slightest hint or clue and keep in mind that your performance will be graded“.  


But do not get scared or discouraged, we are here to help. Truth is that a rare woman can resist a new bag, especially one that‘s made from genuine Italian leather.  And here we have the perfect candidate that‘s already managed to win over hearts of women around the globe.


And yes, it‘s a backpack. Because a leather backpack is the new black. Because a city backpack for the modern woman is a substitute and an improvement on your usual purse. It is elegance combined with efficiency for the fast paced life of an urbanite. And this particular black leather backpack has that rare design which is quiet, but with a touch of genius. Very classic and ladylike, completely versatile and befitting any outfit or environment and yet with a very distinct personality of its own. For that reason we can’t help but think this leather backpack is what Holly Golightly would carry if she was (a real character) today. Classic with a twist, timeless above reproach, but full of character. And what girl or woman wouldn‘t want to channel the style of the iconic Audrey Hepburn‘s character?


So there you have it, a simple answer that checks all the boxes. Because "genius is taking the complex and making it simple".


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