Un maletín de negocios diferente


Some of us tend to keep it light and go about our day carrying not much more than the bare essentials - phone, keys, wallet (chocolate bar?..).  But then you face this odd conundrum – it is just slightly more than you can fit in your pockets, so you have to bag it. But your job comes with a “strictly business” dress code, so a small men’s messenger bag does not live up to the sartorial requirements. And that is how you end up lugging around a huge briefcase even though it is basically empty.


Maybe you start just throwing stuff in, because, you know, there’s room. And once a pure minimalist you end up the guy who has a comb, two flash drives, a pair of sunglasses and an Old Spice with him for no good reason.


Say “no more” to the madness, we have a solution – a small men’s briefcase that has the looks of a classic business briefcase, but just a quarter of its size. Just enough to accommodate your daily essentials and not make you feel weighed down.


So no more carrying air, no more wrinkles on your suit from a shoulder strap and no need to spend all day clutching a carry handle as if your life depended on it. This small men’s leather briefcase will rest safely and comfortably on your wrist, allowing you to feel unrestricted and making it easy to carry it with you everywhere you go.

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