Write Your Story in the Snow


You write your story wherever you go. With the little moments of magic that happen every day. Don’t have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to have a story to tell. Not all of us can or should be National Geographic explorers. Explore what is in your backyard and you might be surprised.


Even more so when you meet a hundred other people, dressed in vintage ski costumes straight from the 90’s, enjoying your local frozen lake. Skiing, sledding, fishing,  playing ice hockey, 10 year olds putting you to shame with their ice skating skills. It is truly amazing how some (freezing) cold allows you to see the world from a completely different perspective – i.e. standing in the middle of a lake.


My third time on skis. Fell twice, surpassed the average walking speed for maybe four minutes, found myself in picture perfect winter wonderland constantly.  


Are you writing your story in the snow?


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