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Now, that back to the future takes place entirely in the past, it seems a good time to make a quick note about the concept of vintage-futurism. A concept, which I did not invent, according to Wikipedia. They know about it too.  But they call it retrofuturism. Potato potato…


Anyway, it seems fair to say that we all love to see how the future (aka now) was imagined in the past (usually cooler) (although back to the future actually got a lot of things right, genius as they were. The nice fellows over here made a list). 


But what is more exciting- we actually seem to want to get that look for now. I mean come on, if Nike and Pepsi are doing it, don’t we all want to just do it?  


Personally, I think a vintage-futuristic look is an absolutely darling idea.  Especially since a few of our leather bags have been giving me that vibe since the first time I laid eyes on them ( I didn’t know the name for it at the time) and I’m wondering if it’s just me. So I put them into context to prove (question?) my point. 

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