Die ikonische Arzttasche aus Leder


A brown genuine leather doctor bag is the unique classic. It presents an interesting juxtaposition – on the one hand it is a timeless world-renowned icon that’s been around for ages, but on the other hand you don’t see them on every corner. And this contrast creates a very exciting opportunity: adding a doctor bag to your modern day style immediately gives you a unique look, all the while keeping it completely classic.  


Leather doctor bags are no doubt iconic, they have a long and rich history. Invented in the mid-19th century in London, they were originally meant to be travel bags and were named Gladstone bags, in honor of the four-time 19th century British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone. But as world caught wind of this new little gem, it soon took the life of its own, adopting the name doctor bag due to its wild popularity between medical doctors.


And it is easy to see why: doctor bags have the capacity, shape and function to be perfect for carrying equipment.  Its rigid frame keeps the potions safe inside, and the wide opening that keeps shape allows full and easy access to everything inside. And as an added bonus leather doctor bags look posh and solid, -practicality and style is and always was an unbeatable combination, even in the 19th century. That is exactly how leather doctor bags became the most fashionable accessory to carry throughout the latter half of the 19th century and into the 20th century.


Now they made a big comeback in our decade, appearing on the runways for top luxury fashion brands, embellished with additional details, trim and garnish. We, however, persist that the leather doctor bag was pretty much perfect in its original form, and needs no bedazzling. It is a style statement all by itself no Swarovski crystals are needed to add to its authentic charm.


It’s high time for the already rich history of leather doctor bags to get another chapter and take our century by storm in the hands of the doctors that made it iconic in the first place, but also by the stylish and innovative, who are looking for something unique and classic to add to their everyday style. And you don’t find that combination too often. 




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