Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion


Slow fashion vs. Fast fashion/Slow fashion and Time Resistance in it


In these days magazines articles, TV shows or on the Net we could see a lot of advertisement of healthy food ant nutrion. Fast food is not so popular and to have real, healthy food is trendy right now among different people. It is common to talk about it and it is usual to take care that you eat. So why don‘t we take care what we wear? There is fast fashion as well as fast food. In this blog article we will try to explain you what is it and the main diference between fast and slow fashion.


Of course, you know that some clothes or accessories are much cheaper and more low-quality than others. It is enought just to take a purse in hands and it will be clear for you which one are good and which one is bad. Usually fast fashion models are lower price and quality as well. Mostly it imitate high fashion companies, them styles and trends, which we can see on the runways or in fashion weeks. So fast fashion design is not unique, they hire cheap work force and use unreliable materials. This kind clothes you could wear one season if you are lucky person, maybe two. Later you could just throw it away and buy new one and do it again and again –  looks like in vicious circle, right? Happily society become tired of it, because in this way we wase not only our money but our planet as well.


The opposite to the fast fashion is slow fashion movement. Have you ever had found old your grandmother dress or briefcase of your grandfather? I did, and I was stunned by this item quality and all stories that this briefcase could tell. And then I realise how fashion should work for us and not the other way. Real fashion should use only best quality materials and leathers that could last for years, not months. Slow fashion items mostly are hand made, so you could feel emotional significance and the true story behind them. This trend fights agains a lot of issues what fast fashion make: it helps to reduce wasting earth – using huge unsafe factories, people exhausting and steeling ideas.


We could call Time Resistance one of the slow fashion trends. Our leather bags are appoint to use it for life, all of our leather briefcases, backpacks or duffels  could be your companion for life, not for  season. We use only 100 % genuine leather, most of the products are vegetable tanned and dyed by hand. So every bag is unique, as well, we use classical designs, so our products is not summer or winter seasonal trendy, its wearable classics for life. Like other slow fashion brands we are try to support local business, skills and local economic. We suggest you to be responsible for your environment, all our planet and take one step to better tomorrow. Start from your closet! To find perfect bag for yourself or your beloved ones – visit our market places.


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