How to Make Great First Impression?


How to make great first impression?


Did you know that 99 % of people make an impression of you in less than three seconds? So you have only one chance to make first impression and it‘s up to you to make it great... Or weak, as I said, it depends on you. Also some professionals of this topic say that there is enough of one nanosecond to form a judgment about others. However, this moment happens very fast and it‘s really important when you are looking for a dream job, trying to make a worthy deal or find a new client.


So how to make  great first impression? Here are some rules that you shouldn‘t forget:

  1. First golden rule is – don‘t be late, nobody cares about your excuses. This is the way to show respect to others.
  2. Dress properly. Do your homework and know exactly where are you going. If meeting place is unformal cafe be true that you don‘t need to wear black tie. Nevertheless – don‘t feel to free with your t-shirt or sneakers while going to meeting in high class office building.
  3. Smile and be positive. Body language is a strong point, which shows how you feel and how confident you are.


Right accessories are important here as well. Just imagine yourself taking your documents out of nice quality leather folder or  taking out your laptop for presentation of luxurious leather briefcase.


This is the area where we could help you. You will look way better to give your Curriculum Vitae to your future boss out of high quality leather document case. Just look at our beautifuly crafted Candide. This full grain leather case is suitable for documents, folders and even for laptop (e.g. MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air 13”). Candide is minimalist style but will help you to organize all your belongings. There is a zipper pocket  and few pockets for credit cards. Check out our beloved Candide here.



For a big fish we suggest the king of all our briefcases -- The Firm. This solid briefcase will definitely come into notice of your clients or business partners. As we said: „The person holding this genuine leather briefcase will always be beyond reproach“. In The Firm you will find enough room for laptop (e.g. MacBook 15” or MacBook Air), folders and documents. There is no chance not to make a great first impression with this bag. Both our leather bags are made from genuine full grain calfskin, that is pleasant to touch.


But the most important thing is your personality and don’t forget it. Just after that comes all the appearance. Good luck at looking for new opportunities!


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