Fashion tip for 2022

It is that time of the year when everyone is running like a chicken with their head cut-off looking for gifts for their loved ones. Many of us have a hard time coming up with something that is practical. And if you’re looking for something more than just practical then it has to be trendy as well. Generally, Time Resistance is all about classic timeless designs but that doesn’t mean we do not like fashion. In fact we love fashion and how it reinvents it self every season. That’s why we always try to keep our finger on the ‘fashion pulse. Here is a small tip on what’s to come in fashion according to WGSN which is is the global authority on change, using expert trend forecasting combined with data science to help you get ahead of the right trends. We hope it will help you out picking up something to put in a Christmas stocking.

Laser-cut leather

The concept: Laser-cut leather taps into consumer demand for up trending #consideredcraft and handmade aesthetics. Artisanal techniques and locally-inspired styles will gain appeal, influenced by co-crafting.

Application & technique:  Create innovative textures  and patterns with responsibly sourced leathers. Take inspiration from Natta’s geometric design for a contemporary approach to laser-cutting, which also has an environmentally-friendly approach as it is #madetoorder.

How to implement: Explore this as an efficient technique for detailing, which creates embellishment while also offering the possibility of a mono-material product.

Relevant for: footwear, bags, belts, soft accessories.

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