The Most Useful Item That You Don‘t Yet Know You Need

In preparation for this new year of ambitions and achievement in your life, we‘ve expanded our collection to include a couple of little somethings that are bound to bring great value to your life. We are talking about men’s clutches. Because seriously. A clutch is such a smart and elegant solution, but due to pure stereotype they are mostly left for women to enjoy. Which is simply not fair. Especially when all common sense and logic would suggest that a leather clutch is in fact more befitting the needs of a man. Let‘s see:


A clutch is used:

  • When a woman wishes to bring nothing more than a phone and her lipstick with her.  So for a gala or some similar thing that none of us get invited to.
  • When a man wants to carry nothing but his phone, wallet and keys. Which is most of the time.


  • For a woman a clutch must go with her two fanciest dresses.
  • For a man it must go with a suit, vintage Metallica t-shirt and a Coppola hat just in case. And a classic, briefcase inspired leather clutch does just that.


  • The second most important function of a leather clutch is that it gives you something to hold in your hands when you don’t know what to do with them. A hero feature for us all.



So the silly thing is that for a woman a clutch stands for something that is first and foremost an eye candy and does not need to serve any practical purposes. While for a man it is all about practicality and a perfect way to organize your daily essentials in a much more convenient (not to mention stylish) manner than having all of your things dispersed between your pockets. And end up feeling light and



So our dear gents, please forget the silly stereotype and take advantage of the most useful item that you don‘t yet know you need. But let me to warn you - once you get a taste of the ease and order that it provides there is no turning back.







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