A Lawyer's Briefcase


„Evidently, I'm to go to Crib World, because it's a whole world of cribs. Why isn't there a store called ''This is The Crib For You''? And they just have one great crib.“



There was a time when we wanted more options. And we certainly got it. Now we have hot dog stands that offer 60 different toppings (no joke) and paragraph long coffee orders that require a manual for a newbie to understand.

In the world of options and multiple choices, finding „the perfect“ anything is a venture that requires months of research and a seance.



So we‘re going to make it simple. If you are looking for a leather bag befitting a lawyer, „The Firm“ is the perfect one. It is The. Attorney’s. Briefcase.  

“The Firm” checks all the boxes:


  • First and most important - ridiculous capacity. You will have to schlep files, pens, laptops, yellow pads, and legal tomes around with you to court and client meetings. You need something big enough to hold your papers, small enough to fit where it needs to fit, and something that looks like it belongs to an adult. “The Firm” has the largest capacity you can expect while still remaining in the „sleek looking briefcase“ territory.  
  • It stands upright and is accessible from the top.
  • It has the infrastructure to compartmentalize and an organizer for your phone, cards and pens.
  • It has a working lock for security
  • It has a carry handle. So that you are not tempted. You are wearing a suit and planning to look presentable. No shoulder strap for you.
  • The leather is hard enough to protect your valuables, but soft enough to be negotiable in shape.
  • It will age well and look better with a little mileage on it. Because it’s vegetable tanned top-grain leather, it develops a wonderful patina as it ages. So it will have "the look".


It’s worth it to invest in a high-quality leather briefcase early in your career, because this one briefcase can last your entire legal career. Especially when you have the perfect option right in front of you.


And don't forget to add a monogram for that special touch! 

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