Perché ogni uomo dovrebbe avere una borsa per cosmetici in pelle?


Why Every Man Should Have a Leather Cosmetic Bag?


We get used to see that most of women have a huge cosmetic bags. Sometimes they refuse to leave home until they take it with themselfs and do it everywhere they go. And in that case women are right because in these bags you could find not only a bunch of make up but other vital stuff as well. Where you could discover some dental floss, small sewing kit for extra incidents, cell phone charger and so on. This is practical and you could be safe for unlooked-for cases. Every man also should have leather cosmetic bag like these, with different content of course. In this article I will tell you why.


To have a ready to go cosmetic bag is very practical, especially if you live bussy and active life. So to have just one bag that could fit everything you need is comfortable and reliable. We all know how hard and stressfull is packing up your luggage at the last minute. You are afraid to leave some important things and you definetely know that feeling when you are traveling or visiting your friends in another town and realise that you have left your tooth brush or extra pair of socks at home. It happens all the time when you in a rush. But sometimes we just procrastinate and put off packing. After that some unpleasant things happen. And next morning on travel you are standing next to mirror and thinking: ‚where is my razor blade?‘ or coming back from the beach and digging up in your duffel bag or suitcase and looking for a face cream. We know that these items are waiting for you in your bathroom mirror cabinet. If you want to avoid this kind of situations it would be great to have all the goods in one bag, which is next to your hand.


Happily, we could offer you our Leather Cosmetic Bag „All the King's Men“. This bag is perfectly crafted, made from genuine top grain calfskin that will last you for years. It is made with two separate compartments, which one are roomy enough to fit everything you need. It could be your toiletry equipment, electronics or other important stuff. There are two inside pockets to keep things apart from other. Simple and classic design comfortably planned to fit every man (and not only) needs. A leather bag “All the King's Men” is a great present for every man. Especially we offer this leather bag for people who have a lot of business trips and have head full of thoughts about next travel or always want to be ready to go. Luxury class leather bag will be your companion for travels. Other great thing is that this kind of leather will be better and better, because every marks and scarfs on the bag will tell your personal story that is as much unique as you are.


So, if you are looking for comfortable leather cosmetic bag or waiting for occasion to surprise your beloved ones, remember that today is the day. 

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