Tendenze moda per il 22/23


A/W 22/23 will see the world settling down after a turbulent start to the decade, and leather and non-leather materials will be influenced by a need for comfort and longevity as the industry tentatively moves forward. Footwear and accessories materials will provide reassurance and respond to the desire for timeless and versatile styles.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the fragility of nature and natural resources, bringing a renewed focus on sustainability to the fore. Consumers will begin to question brands on their actions and demand transparency from the entire supply chain, prioritizing responsible sourcing and eco-friendly materials.

Traceability, responsible tanning processes and animal welfare will be key for leathers. Though education and clear messages, brands will gain loyalty among conscious consumers. Circularity will be paramount. Waste will gain traction as a valuable resource, and byproducts such as leathers and plant-based materials made with food surplus are set to become a necessity.
Industrial offcuts, recycled plastics and textiles will be embraced to close the circular loop.

A desire for comfort will be met with tactile and calming padded surfaces, and protective designs will gain relevance. Designing for digital and crafted aesthetics will respond to a need for a mood-boosting design and localism, while ensuring that products also have on-screen appeal.

Source: Worth Global Style Network

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