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We are all in search of those functional items that would offer the versatility that will make our lives easier.  And our “Charlotte’s Web” backpack/ tote bag is one of those rare items that are multifunctional and multipurpose in an elegant and effortless way. 


Charlotte’s Web can be worn as a backpack or a tote bag, depending on what you need at a particular moment. So you basically get two bags in one. And what’s even better is that the transformation from one to another is quick and easy and can be done momentarily, by simply rearranging the straps. That makes it a very practical bag for your day-to-day, but this quality is truly a shining moment when travelling.


Because when you carry it as a tote bag, it fits everything but the kitchen sink. And that is coincidentally exactly the amount of stuff you need to have all your needs tended to during a long flight. And once you reach your destination, you unpack in a traditional travelers fashion by dropping everything on your bed, swiftly rearrange the straps and bam, you have an elegant, light backpack, perfect companion for your sightseeing or running errands.


So you don’t need to bring two separate bags for the trip over and for when you get there or lug around a huge carry-on with you the whole time because you didn’t have room in your luggage for another piece of luggage.


So here’s to travelling smart and light. Elegantly. 


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