Notre sac à dos de voyage préféré


Our Favorite Travel Backpack


You probably agree that there are so many different types of travel backpacks and it’s pretty much confusing… Moreover, it cause some troubles to pick the right one… The one that could fit your needs best. A large variety of styles, designs and even building sometimes can be such a headache for those who don’t like to waste their precious time looking for the most suitable travel backpack.


We want to give a few tips for a modern man how to choose the most appropriate leather travel backpack.


  • Big enough and supportive to comfortably carry everything you need while traveling;
  • At least two main capacious compartments to fit your laptop and a tablet;
  • Organizer panel for smartphone for sure;


(Gadget friendly it’s pretty much the most important feature nowadays)


  • Some extra inside and outside pockets to keep everything in order;
  • Possibility to expand the main compartment by zipper for more capacity when needed;
  • Padded shoulder straps - help a lot carrying a backpack for a long  period of time without any break;
  • Padded back wall - a real bliss for your back;
  • Intended for leather backpacks - breathable mesh for protecting the leather from perspiration stains.


As well as the practical side, the design should not be overlooked. Choose leather travel  backpack that is both practical and stylish.


Backpack in style with our favorite leather travel backpack - L. A. Confidential - that has everything you need. A Backpack was designed to meet the contemporary needs of adventurous, classy traveler. It's supreme comfort while on the back and it's flawless design definitely will not leave anyone indifferent!


Cast an eye on our favorite leather travel backpack!

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