11 signes indiquant qu'il est temps d'acheter un nouveau porte-documents


We are all for loyalty to a bag at Time Resistance, but in all relationships there comes a time when you have to take a good look at your companion and think “is this still working?”.  So here are the telltale signs that it might be time for a change:

  1. You borrowed a bag from a friend for a job interview.
  1. You found a piece of chewing gum from last year in the pocket of your bag. Obviously, the love is gone.
  1. A 70 year old man on the subway gleefully told you “I used to have this exact same briefcase!”

          He doesn’t have it anymore…

  1. There is a designated pocket for any ‘smaller stuff”, because it might fall through the cracks elsewhere.
  1. You spend 20 minutes on average every day elbows-deep in your bag searching for something. It is enough of a challenge to keep some structure in your life, get a briefcase that has structure built-in.
  1. Your briefcase is now permanently paired with a tote bag that can actually fit your laptop.
  1. 6 people this past year commented on your love for vintage. Lovely. Except that you don’t wear vintage.
  1. Your bag is so fancy, you are too afraid of ruining it to actually use it: all of your belongings are wrapped in plastic and you have a separate bag for all the heavier stuff that could deform it.
  1. Mom starts hinting that she’ll get you a new bag for Christmas. Mom knows best. But it might be wise to keep the selection process in your hands.
  1. Your work briefcase is currently a backpack.

         Unless your boss wears flip flops to the office, in which case - go for it.

  1. It looks like it’s been through a beating. A good leather briefcase has some signs of life on it, but if parts of it are falling off then it has probably lived its lifetime. You got to move on…


So what's your score?

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