10 raisons de ne pas posséder un sac de toilette de voyage


  1. You can time how fast you found your toothpaste in your luggage this time and make a game out of it.
  2. You always have a Q-tip close by. Even when you least expect it. Sometimes in your sock.
  3. When you reach into your bag to get a sweater and cut yourself on a free-range razor, you get a manly scar. Rawr.
  4. If your shampoo bottle explodes during luggage loading, all of your clothes are scented and have that fresh soapy feeling to them.
  5. Since your shampoo exploded you don’t wash your hair. You save water.
  6. Your comb combs your sweater.
  7. Having your shaving kit wrapped in a plastic bag shows that you are a relatable down to earth guy.
  8. You can’t find your shaving foam so you decide to go for that rugged look that is so popular with the ladies.
  9. Nail clippers on the loose add some adrenaline to your life. You like to live dangerously. You‘d wrestle a grizzly bear just for kicks and giggles.
  10. Your shaving brush brushes oh so gently against your shoe. You get a free shoe shine.


If, for some reason, you don’t find these particularly enjoyable, save yourself some trouble and get a toiletry bag. It comes with free shipping and an immediate sense of maturity. 


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