Elegantes piel Portafolios para llevar a reuniones de negocios



Do you know what is the second most usefull item that you don‘t yet know you need (men’s clutch is in the first place)?  Listen very carefully, it‘s a stylish leather portfolio for men (women also would love it) which could be a good replacement for a leather briefcase!


“But for what purpose was the earth formed?" asked Candide. "To drive us mad," replied Martin.” ― Voltaire, Candide


Our beloved portfolio “Candide” could be your best friend at the business meetings. A solid genuine leather documents folder that will complete a sleek minimalist business look can help to organize your files and digital devices but keep effortless chic appearance.


Besides, not to mention the practical side of this bag, it documents your beliefs, professional development, experience, whatever you think grows you as a  stylish, devoted, successful business man nowadays.


Leather portfolio bag accommodates contemporary business man needs. Moreover, with the bag in your hand you can go to the directors meeting, conveying an attitude of seriousness and ambition.


So, accept the challenge and try yourself, with no regrets. Take your stylish leather portfolios to the proximate business meeting, use your charm, be the best version of classic, fashionable, ambitious you!


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