Say Hello to Fall and our New Leather Bags


Say Hello to Fall and our New Leather Bags


Summer is not over until you celebrate Labor day. That‘s the rule. In USA and Canada we celebrate it every first Monday in September. And it‘s called unofficial end of summer. At this federal holiday we could see parades in cities and smell barbecues in suburbans backyards. But do you know the meaning of this holiday? On this day we could say thank you to all American workers, because in early 80‘s of the 19th century they create a labor movement. This movement is intended for America social and economic success. On these days people celebrate the contributions that workers have made well-being of the country. And we still remember this day.


Labor weekend is the best time to meet your friends or visit relatives in other states. We all know that good feeling when you meet your beloved ones and can‘t count hours. At these moments – just enjoying warm summer nights, tasty food and great talks. Every year this holiday feels like last fun weekend and we have to admit that everyone try to take the best of it. After that – fall looks like new beginning. Usually it is new beginning for academical semester and time to back to work after vacation. So  we do also have something new for you to suggest.


In this article we introduce you two new models. First one we call „Persuation“ and it‘s perfect companion for ladies. With all elegant shape and modern style handles this leather briefcase fits perfectly to almost all women wardrobes. This briefcase is gadget friendly – you can find a room for laptop up to 14“ and padded pocket for laptop up to 13“ (e.g. MacBook Pro 13” or MacBook Air 13”). So you can comfortable carry it to work or studies. As well there are two spacious compartments, where you will easily fit documents or folders. You can even take this bag to your business trips more comfortable, because there is a special strap witch one helps you to hold it next to your luggage. Check “Persuation” briefcase below.



Second new leather piece from our assortment is leather satchel that calls “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Perfectly crafted “Transformer” leather briefcase won’t let you down. You will be surprised by its practicality as well. There are three different ways of wearing it. You can take it like all briefcases with a handle on top, wearing it like messenger on shoulder and take it on your back as a backpack. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is very spacious. Its classical British design with savour of Italian style will definitely meet your expectations. This satchel bag is suitable for documents or folders, outside pockets are comfortable to organize all your belongings, keep it safe and easy to access as well. Classical design perfectly fits to business outfit and in the evening you will look great with this bag at the local bar as well.


Both new leather briefcases exterior made from genuine full grain calfskin and have something intriguing. Look at its lining – it’s colourful, youthful and stylish on the same time. We truly believe that you will find a great leather bag for yourself or a gift for your dearest.


Have a great Labor weekend and good luck at your new beginnings!

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