Classic Leather Gym Bag. Is it Possible?


Classic Leather Gym bag. Is it possible?


Raise your hand if you are going to the gym. I bet I would see bunch of hands. The gym is a major part of your daily routine. Some of us regularly go to gym, others play some basketball with friends and thre is hard-bitten yoga lovers too. And you know what?  It definitely deserves more than just a  junky bag that should’ve been retired long time ago.


So, it is the right time upgrade it to one of our handcrafted leather bags. I want to make you believe that you could look classy even with your gym bag. Why not buy classical leather duffel bag insted of regular polyster duffel? Let me introduce you with our beloved leather duffle bag – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.





It is full grain leather classical duffel bag with fully lined interior. This leather gym bag is hand dyed using the vegetable tanning method that utilizes only natural materials and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. And as an added bonus, vegetable tanning gives the leather a natural earthy smell. To stay organized there is one spacious compartment with inside pockets, three sided foldaway opening for convenient access and two large outside pockets. Additionally, here we have reliable travel bag, carry-on on the board, a gym bag or just a duffle bag for overnight trip in one!


But let’s go back to sports topic. You know busy days when you have to do hundreds of things: go to work, have some meetings, visit friends and finally – go to the gym. We do not forget modern features as well. In The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy you could find enough space for laptop up to 15” (e.g. MacBook 15” or MacBook air) and pocket to keep your tablet separate from everything else. For your carrying comfort where are two carry handles with comfortable grip for easy carrying in hand and you will find detachable shoulder strap, adjustable in length and carrying on your shoulder. Did I mention that this bag comes in two different colours? By the way, matte is a little bit smaller than glossy one. 


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is made of genuine Italian calfskin and will surprise you by its quality. It will serve you for decades. Whether you’re a gym newbie or professional athlete, you’ll find the perfect bag for your workout.Go ahead! Take a closer look!



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