A Royal Update


We are coloring it up for fall at Time Resistance.


For the past half of year we’ve been planning, designing, scheming, modeling and looking for a perfect color. One that would compliment the gamut of our beautiful vegetable tanned leathers as well as complement the overall look of our bags. All of that with the purpose of creating our signature lining and improving our bags even further.


And now, finally we reap the fruits of our labor. A fresh batch of some of our favorite models has arrived with our new branded lining. And the color that we selected for it is none other, but Royal Red. Because could there be a more fitting color? It is classic, but bold. Lush and luxurious, but not flashy. It creates a beautiful contrast with each and any one of our leathers, and adds a note of extravagance, a little special touch, hidden away from immediate sight, only for your eyes to enjoy.


And ultimately, if there is any color worthy to be offered to you, it has to be the one that has the word “Royal” in its name. 



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