Bildgeschichte Sommer 2022

Since we constantly update, improve and renew our collection, photo shoots have become an inseparable part of our journey.

We have a lot of new leather backpacks, messenger bags, leather briefcases, leather duffel bags and so much more therefore we are really excited for you to finally see them.

This time we were really inspired by everyone’s favorite thing – vacation. My favorite type of vacation is not rock climbing in Australia or surfing in Hawaii, my ideal way to relax and rejuvenate is to go to some European town full of life and history; wander around, and sit down for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, observe the architecture and the people.

We found a perfect representation for that - a classic yet youthful gentleman and one of the most authentic capitals in Europe – Vilnius. There are so many beautiful alleys and nooks in the old town that we could be there for days. The funny part was that we actually saw a lot of people there going to their jobs, wearing similar clothes and carrying leather briefcases so that photo shoot seemed very real this time.

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