Unser Favorit: Lederrucksack zum Mitnehmen


Our Favorite Carry On Leather Backpack


You probably agree that there are so many different types of travel backpacks and it’s pretty much confusing. Moreover, it causes some troubles to pick the right one, the one that could fit your needs most. A large variety of styles, designs and even buildings sometimes could be such a headache for those who don’t like to waste their precious time looking for the best travel backpack. Especially in summer time, when backpack is just urgent to have. Or for those who would have a bunch of different backpacks, but could choose only one. Because we convinced that is better to have one but really comfortable and universal than many but useless and low-quality bags.


We save your time and find your new travel companion. This time we could suggest you our favorite leather backpack. It is excellent for a short travels, weekend trips or for those days then you need to carry on a lot of items, because sometimes you don’t know what night brings to you. We believe that our L.A. Confidential leather backpack is big and supportive enough to comfortably carry everything you need. It has multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything in order. Also there is a zipper to expand the main compartment for more capacity, so you don’t need to worry about your stuff, because all your belongings will fit into travel backpack. Which one are perfectly crafted, made from 100% natural full grain Italian leather and characterize by its design. Like other our bags, L.A. Confidential is the example of modern classic and fit to almost all styles: it looks great in outfit with jeans or shorts and same good-looking with suit. So you could boldly take this backpack to night long party and next day go with it to work or studies (it is suitable for documents and folders as well).


This leather travel backpack is one of our most favorite because of five main reasons:

1. Comfort: It's fully featured with appropriate pockets with zippers for your closests things.

2. Size: Not too big and not too small – extremely capacious.

3. Practical: Gadget friendly – it has padded pocket for a tablet or a laptop (e.g. MacBook 15” or MacBook Air).

4. Ergonomic: Comfortable to travel – it has padded with shoulders straps as well as the back wall.

5. Lasting: Best quality and stylish design for a reasonable price.


At the moment we could offer you two different types, there are backpacks in stylish Aubergine and clasical Brown colours.

It is very important for us, that every item we produce is practical and has something to tell at the same time. And that‘s why our bags aren‘t just a seasonal purchase. We believe that every Time Resistance leather bag tells a story and we wish to give you an empty canvas where your own story will be embodied and retold for generations to come. Lets beggin your travel story with Time Resistance leather carry on backpack.

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