Stil-Trend für Unternehmer: die Arzttasche aus Leder



A leather doctor bag is absolutely beautiful when carried by an actual doctor. It is a way to honor and continue the tradition and a nice touch of classic in this modern world. But a doctor bag is not really only meant for medical practitioners, in fact it was invented as a travel bag and originally called a Gladstone bag. The completely unexpectedly doctors swooped in and stole the show.



And it is easy to understand why they were so attracted to this new invention: a doctor bag is roomy, its rigid shape and gaping frame opening makes it very convenient to access everything inside and it looks dashing on top of that. And these characteristics are something that a lot of us could use in our daily lives. So do not let the simple fact that you have nothing to do with doctoring whatsoever discourage you from getting this iconic piece for yourself. The functionality and sophistication of its design makes it a perfect business bag for a stylish professional.


Still unsure? Take a look at a couple examples of leather doctor bags looking flawless in real life:






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