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by Time Resistance 24/08/2016 1 Comment(s) Our News,

As summer is drawing to a close, it is now high time to start mentally preparing yourself for the beginning of a new school year. And yes, we all grew past school age a few seasons ago (let’s not count), but you have to admit – September 1st still has that same feeling of a fresh new busy season starting. The time to come back with new ideas, fresh energy and higher-than-ever goals.  And if there is one thing that helps you feel like you are making a fresh start, it’s renewing your look.


So just in time for you to update your office uniform for a new season and infuse it with new motivation, here come Time Resistance’s new arrivals – our all-time favorite leather briefcases, now in black.



1 Comment(s)

Luis Giralda:
31/08/2016, 07:55:21 AM

Hello,I am Luis Giralda, from Valladolid, Spain. I like very much your shop . I write to you to propose if you would like to collaborate with me doing advertising for your shop, uploading photos with the products you would send to me. My Instagram account is Giralda7. I have 13.7K followers and I used to collaborate with others brands. Waiting for your answer. Thanks!Luis Giralda.

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