Photographer's bag

by Time Resistance 12/10/2015 0 Comment(s) Choosing the Right Leather Bag for You,The Timeless Gentleman Style,


“It was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. A true vintage with clear signs of age and wear. And … I wasn’t happy. As a practical person, I immediately declared it unusable due to non-existent shoulder strap and laptop incompatibility.


So then she took it for herself (making me suspicious that was the plan all along). And she carried it eeeeverywhere – weekend trips to visit friends, road trips across Europe, running errands around the city. Seeing that (because men are basically very tall children), I wanted it back.


Now I carry my photo gear in it, with some additional padding from a specialized backpack that got ruined in a few years of wear. Or take it with me when I need to go to some formal places where I don’t feel I belong. I find it has a nice confusing effect on people, who then don’t know how to categorize me.”



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